For 16 years now, the Moon Hill Brewing Co. and Gardner Ale House have been featuring their Oktoberfest celebration, dubbed “Party in the Street” and for 16 years we have never had a real Bavarian Folk Music band. People ask why and my answer was always simple, “We can’t afford it.” This time of year, such bands are in high demand, however, this year, with the help of a cultural arts grant, the city of Gardner was able to procure The Hofbrahaus Bavarians; the real deal. Our day will begin with a tapping of the Oktoberfest keg and the traditional music of the Hofbrahaus Bavarians. These folks came together in 1967 – Boom! (ers).  These cats have been around and know the turf. Just be awed at this list of instruments this 10-piece band can bang: piccolo, clarinet, sax, vocals, trumpet, flugel horn, tenor horn, tuba, accordian and drums.

Oh dear… My oompah playlist will collect some dust this year, and hopefully, for years to come. I’m too excited and feeling quite Bavarian!

Music has always been a main attraction of our event; it’s why the party lasts all day and into a bit of the night. This year is no exception. Just look at this lineup which revs up after the Luge!

Bennett-Matteo Band 3:30PM (Pictured above)
Each year we feature a big bluesy artist that at the least tours nationally and usually internationally. We can’t help ourselves. We spend too much money and you have too much fun. This is the kind of music that you can’t stop wiggling from. Even if you are my age, your butt catches the bumps. Have a look see.

This is the kind of music that brings the out-of-towners. Be nice to them! We want them back!

And then we move to a more local appeal with the rest of our acts. This year:

The Matt Swanton Band with special guests Wildcat O’Halloran from Wildcat O’Halloran and Zach Loureiro from No Shoes. These Worcester greats will bring on the second show. Matt and his band have played the Ale House many times in various incarnations; this one is the best yet. See what I mean! And Wildcat is probably the best known blues artist to hit the Ale House, and on a regular basis. Zach Loureiro is a young pheeeenom. This show gonna jump.

We will close out the day with New Pond Fondle. Ever heard of them? Try not to lose your mind after a long day that might have begun at our keg tapping 11:30 in the morning. We will do our best to get you in bed by 9PM. But see what you must be here for!

So, yeah, Oktoberfest doesn’t just have something for everyone, it has everything anyone could want. Food, beverage, music, Roman coliseum type entertainment, athletic demonstrations of strength, folk music and beautiful people busting out all over. Referring to the one-day party, Rick Walton (who’s he?) likes to say, “Sometimes all day isn’t long enough.” It makes you think that perhaps the Party in the Street should last a whole weekend. Hmmm…

See more about Oktoberfest here.

Thanks for being there!


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