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Live Music Wednesday

Two Words: Live Music. No, really. Not even kidding. You heard it here, from the Ale House mouth. For the first time, since Monday, March 9, 2020, our final Blue Monday (in other words, since forever), we are having our first live music in the pub – Wednesday, the night before Thanksgiving. Come on out!

We have been busy, busy since IT all began. We’ve changed everything, tightened our belts, bulked up our takeout act and began an ambitious beer canning operation. All to stay alive and thrive while we tried to keep everyone as safe as possible. So, who would have thought? We are better than ever! And yes, what I wrote up there about a new canning machine means almost all our beers are available for takeout in cans! And the cans are beautiful. You can decorate your home with them. You can give them as gifts, sleep with them, just stare.

But I digress, this is about our first shot at live music. And for this we snagged the local super troubadour, Scott Babineau. He, in shock, and a bit dazed and confused at our request, wasn’t sure if he could find his guitar, and if so, would it still work. After much puzzling, and self-pinching, he convinced himself that it really was Stacey from the Ale House calling for a gig. He wanted to know if we were having a ‘going out of business sale’ or something. Stacey managed to convince him that it was going to be Thanksgiving soon and we thought we’d give it a try, live music, that is; after close to 2 years of pub musical silence. Scott was like, “Thanksgiving, really? What’s today?”

As we all know, the acoustics of the room are only perfect when there are people off whom the music can bounce. These people must also be attempting conversations and drinking ‘something’. This is what makes a perfect room. You make a perfect room.

Let’s make a perfect room the Night Before Thanksgiving!

Scott Babineau
The Night Before Thanksgiving


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