As much as we’d like to see you here 24/7 eating, drinking and neglecting everything else, we understand that you might want to seek us out elsewhere, a bit closer to home perhaps – spend more time with the fam, save your marriage, etc. So, there is a brand new function on our brand new website called Find Our Beer . And upon a rather quick inspection, you might say the question is: Where isn’t our beer? My fingers grew tired typing out all the places. I was a bit surprised, though never happy. I want more! By definition, I am never satisfied; it’s what keeps this place afloat. Or so I tell myself.
Be amazed and/or mystified. It’s slick, clean and pretty. Tell us what you think! (Unless you don’t like it – of course!) Please click here to see this babe of a map 🙂 We are super growing up!

Other Big News!

Yet Another Brewer!

image of a man standing in front of a cask, holding a glass of beer We have added yet another brewer to our team: Chad Warner. Chad will work part time in the brewery and will be doing EVERYTHING, from cellarman to brewer, he will be doing it all, because each brewer will eventually need to cover for the other. So he’s going to be busy boning up on all that we do here. Chad has been a part of the Moon Hill community for quite a while and is wicked smart in all things beer and has a leadership role in the Moonlighters, our home brew club. He is currently labeling our Pink Boots collaboration brew “I Love Juicy”. You can chat him up in the pub most Fridays.

Welcome Chad!

Brew Barn Opening Weekend 

picnic tables on a lawn in front of a big red barnWe open this year’s Brew Barn on Family Friday, June 21. Family Friday is a beautiful thing: kids get a free hot dog, ice cream and everyone gets a free hayride. 

The Brew Barn is a project between Red Apple Farm and Moon Hill Brewing. We began last summer (2018) with our new tap room on the property of Red Apple Farm, pouring weekends, Friday, Saturday and Sunday through Columbus Day. We are doing the same this year and with that we have Hardwick Wines, hard cider, the famous Red Apple Farm barbecue, kids’ stuff, Family Fridays, special events, music all over the place and you! 

Oktoberfest Countdown

12Days 02Hours 57Minutes 44Seconds

Open 7 Days a Week
Monday thru Saturday: 11:30 AM till Last Call
Sunday: 10:00 AM till Last Call

Last Call is Never Before 11:00 PM

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440




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Kickoff your summer!

The Brew Barn Video To Kickoff Your SummerOn Friday, June 21, we will open the doors at 3PM. It will be Family Friday: Free hot dogs and ice cream...
image of text "Find our Beer" on a map background

Where to Find Our Beer!

As much as we'd like to see you here 24/7 eating, drinking and neglecting everything else, we understand that you might want to seek us out...
MASS Beer Week comes to a close with out Pink Boots Beer Collaboration Brew

MASS Beer Week comes to a close

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Big Music Thursday Nights is Big Fun!

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The Black Ale Project

The Black Ale Project

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