We have been  putting out an Oktoberfest festbier since we opened in 2006. That’s 16 Oktoberfest lagers and even though we had to skip the “Party In The Street” last year, we still put out an Oktoberfest lager. It was our favorite so far. Now truth be told and in full disclosure I must admit – and to you only – that I always say that: “favorite”, “best ever”. You won’t ever hear me say, except in rare circumstances, which I do not advertise or even divulge after a few pints, “This one isn’t as good as last time.” Because we really are improving our beer from year to year, even across different brewers. Oh there may be a few glitches (again, not really admitting that.), but we conscientiously trend upward as our brewery matures and brings out beer after beer. That’s as far as I’ll go in blowing my own trumpet, except to say that our efforts with improving our Oktoberfest are most pronounced, at least to me. We started out with a ambery-er version with a maltier base and above-average German Oktoberfest alcohol. After several visits both abroad and around our American beer neighborhood, we began lightening and hopping a bit differently. We kind of brought Oktoberfest into the mainstream of festbiers you would find ‘over there’. Each year it sports a delightful difference from the previous year, though at this point, it is hard for me to tell. They all are just so good and my memory isn’t what it was. Just saying that this year’s Oktoberfest is worth the visit. It doesn’t get any better! And if you manage to snag a glass a the tapping, then you’ve that added taste booster that comes from celebration in the community and the first time effect. Can’t beat the first time. Whether it’s the first time this year or first time ever.

Here’s all the information you’ll need about our special day:

Oktoberfest “Party in the Street” at the Gardner Ale House

74 Parker St., Downtown Gardner, MA
Saturday, September 25th, 2021

Gardner’s own Moon Hill Brewing Co. at the Gardner Ale House, along with the City of Gardner, present their 15th Annual Oktoberfest “Party in the Street”. Admission for this event is free and open to all ages. Parker Street will be closed to traffic.

The party begins at 11:00 AM with the ceremonial Tapping of the Keg in front of the Gardner Ale House. Gardner closes Parker Street for the day and a New Orleans Street Party atmosphere ensues, featuring craft beer brewed locally by Moon Hill Brewing Co. and authentic German fare.  Also, at 11:00 AM begins the Chair City Community Workshop’s Steamroller Printing project Gardner Makes! It’s a real adult steamroller making life size prints in the street, just like an old fashioned printing press!

According to Gardner Ale House and Moon Hill Brewing Co. owner Rick Walton, it’s also the Ale House’s 15th birthday. Mr. Walton says “We still feel like the new kids in town. That’s probably a good thing – don’t want to be figured for ‘old and in the way!’ “.

In partnership with the Fall Festival up the street, Oktoberfest will feature a food truck theme. Food Combi and Sweet & Savory food trucks will be on site from 11 AM till close in addition to 5 food trucks up the street. Also, Tie Dye by Grateful Dan will be selling the most beautiful tie dye items in the state, maybe the U.S.A.! And the very faithful and fun Acadian Club will staff a beer truck full of your favorite domestic and Canadian brews. And we have Glitter Tattoo coming! They were a big hit at the Food Truck Festival this summer – for kids and adults too. Get marked up!

This year’s musical lineup begins at 2:30 PM, just after the Steamroller Printing:

2:30 PM Kat Riggins puts on her “Blues Revival” Show.
4:15 PM Wildcat O’Halloran Continues the blues theme. A blue Monday favorite at the Ale House, Wildcat will continue the blues beat.
5:45 PM Hot Mess with local legends Brian Chaffee, AJ Sausville and Scott Babineau. Turning the corner from Blues to classic and original rock.
7:15 PM Dazed till Dawn More favorite locals. 6-piece classic rock closing band bringing it home.

Oktoberfest “Party in the Street” is located at the Gardner Ale House, 74 Parker St., Downtown Gardner, MA.
Admission: Free, Open to All Ages
Event: Saturday, September 25, starts at 11:00 AM. Live Music is 2:30 – 8:30  PM.

 74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440


Open 7 Days Per Week

11:30 AM till 8:00 PM
Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday to Saturday
11:30 AM till 9:00 PM

10:00 AM till 8:00 PM
(Sunday Brunch 10:00 AM till 2 PM)



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