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Masskrugstemmen (or Steinholding)

Masskrugstemmen (or Steinholding)

When I first heard of Masskrugstemmen I couldn't believe my eyes. Not only could I not pronounce it, I couldn't believe my luck in finding it. Such a complicated name!  But then I registered that this was a German word; tough-to-say is a no-brainer in Germany and...

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Cinco de Cinco

You are probably getting the idea that the Ale House is an ethnic restaurant. Right? I mean, sure, we are casual American. But you know we are German when we need to be (Oktoberfest) and Italian as it is appropriate (Get ready for Little Italy!) and we are soon to be...

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Black Ale Release Party “From America With Love”

Black Ale Release Party “From America With Love”

From America With Love is our Black Ale Project beer. I’ll tell you what the Black Ale Project is in a minute. First, the beer. From America With Love, is, indeed, a black ale, but there are all sorts and this one is an Imperial Stout. Ours goes like this: “Imperial...

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Holiday Parties – Do It Here!

Holiday Parties – Do It Here!

I am often heard saying, right after Christmas, “I can’t wait till Christmas.” And I sort of really mean it. It has nothing to do with commercialism, stuff, things, gifts and has everything to do with music (I really enjoy Christmas choral music and Gregorian...

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