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Head Cider Maker

The cidery at Red Apple Farm has an opening for an experienced commercial cider maker or brewer interested in hard cider, at our new hard cidery. Our facility has 2 15-bbl stainless tanks (one brite and one cylindroconical) and several 275-gal IBC totes. We currently produce dry and semi-sweet styles from Red Apple Farm’s orchard. We pour most of our product at the farm and distribute locally. With plans to expand soon, our production will be increasing rapidly, and an entrepreneurial attitude is required.

The cidery is a collaboration between Moon Hill Brewing Co., Gardner, MA and Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, MA. With two taprooms on the farm, a family friendly farm with live music and a country style restaurant, this is a popular venue offering an opportunity for growth as we increase distribution of our product on and off premises.


  • Operation and cleaning of the fermentation room.
  • Maintain steady production of desired styles.
  • Keg, carbonate and store cider as required.
  • We have a canning facility that you will learn to operate with Moon Hill brewers.
  • Maintain draft systems.
  • Maintain all equipment, using outside contractors as required.
  • Maintain accurate logs of batch sessions.
  • Maintain a regular cleaning schedule including draft line cleaning.
  • Pressing cider apples with the Red Apple Farm cider pressing crew. What a gang!
  • Prepare monthly tax documents.
  • Create and maintain standard operating procedures.
  • Maintain cider walk-in cooler.
  • Continue to learn about hard cider making and suggest methods and styles that might be of interest, including varietals, heirlooms, adjuncts, etc.
  • Assist in the stocking of product on the farm
  • Assist in the training of personnel serving our product
  • Be fastidious about record keeping and communicating cidery status and changes to the appropriate people.
  • Meet with the owners regularly to discuss ongoing production, cider varieties and special projects.

As a part of the Red Apple Farm community of farmers, country store personnel, hospitality personnel and our guests, you will experience a rare and fun country style work environment. People are friendly and hard working. And there is plenty of action as the farm progresses through the seasons. Our year-round calendar looks a bit like this: Easter’s Great Gathering, GALA spring art show, live music always, Summer Blueberry Jamboree, Sunflower Festival, Johnny Appleseed Festival at Labor Day, Thanksgiving Harvest Festival in November and more to add! We tuck in for winter in our heated brew barn for more live music, great food and fresh hard cider and craft beer. It never ends.

Our salary is negotiable and will be no problem if you are the right person for the job!

If you are interested in this position please fill out our employment form at: https://www.gardnerale.com/employment

 74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440


Open 7 Days Per Week

11:30 AM till 8:00 PM
Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday to Saturday
11:30 AM till 9:00 PM

10:00 AM till 8:00 PM
(Sunday Brunch 10:00 AM till 2 PM)



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