In our own version of Waiting For Godot, Vladimir and Estragon (I looked that up; I’m not that well read) wait and wait and wait, for the Brew Barn to open. The weather grows hotter and more uncomfortable, while Vladimir and Estragon grow thirstier and more weary as seemingly endless preparations are made and interminable meetings are held. All with the promise that the Brew Barn will open. (And analogously, Godot will show up.) The desperate men even offer to help, but are told to be patient. “We will open any day now.” The two, being of great faith, continue to wait. Faithful regulars Ian/Nathan Hendley-LaJoie come to mind.

And that’s where our version of the story departs from the script. (As if it hadn’t already severely departed.) For as we all know, Godot is a no show. (I looked that up too.)   In our version Vlad and Estie grab a table, order online and are quaffing and laughing in no time, the wait having been worth it. They are pretending to have known all along that this day would come, not admitting that they were only minutes away from going to the packie and grabbing a park bench.

So, ladies and gentlemen, Gather ’round! The show is about to begin. Just step this way and see what we have in our carnival of treats. You will be amazed and or mystified. For the price of a pint (or two) you will be transported, dare I say, changed?

We will be pouring our latest edition of the New England style hard cider we call Red Apple Farm Semi-sweet. And we will have a lineup of Moon Hill beers, which will remove the dust from that whistle of yours, slaking what is left in the way.

This will all begin Friday, June 26 at 4PM.

Add to that the famous Red Apple Farm barbecue and you’ve got a party.

And we have our very own phone # 978-895-9658
We have plenty of tables and it’s First Come First Served. Feelin’ Lucky?

Our Brew Barn manager Jess has issued a post, which answers all or most of your questions and I have copied it here:

We will officially kick off the Summer 2020 Brew Barn season this Friday June 26th at 4PM. In order to follow all of the COVID safety guidelines put forth by our state, we are going to be reservations only, but if you show up and we have a table, then you got a reservation, you know? Here’s the system:

  1. 6 people per table. Questions? Give us a call 978-895-9658.
  2. ​When you arrive you will be given our beer lists, and BBQ Menu and our Hosts will check you in and give you your table number (or letter).
  3. Order your BBQ food right at the Barn, and our food runners will bring it right to your table.
  4. If you are using a credit card, Beer/Cider/Wine/non-alcohol can be ordered right from the table using our online ordering system and your very smart phone. If you are paying cash you can order from the Brew Barn bar and the beer will be brought out to your table. We will run a pay as you go cash or card payment system. (Please have your ID’s ready for our beer runners.)
  5. While at the Brew Barn we are asking guests to remain seated at their tables, and refrain from ‘unnecessary’ walking around.
  6. Before leaving, make sure you say goodbye to all the staff you’ve missed over the cold, long, winter but please leave all of your trash behind (deal, right?) and we will clean it up for you! We will have EXIT signs posted on the back side of the lawn to assist with all those social distancing recommendations.

This weekend is going to be different for everyone that is familiar with our family friendly farm and all of our staff. Please bear with us as we are trying a brand new system designed with a lot of thought, but no real practice yet. We promise to do everything we can to keep you safe, and we are SO excited to be back doing what we love!

Give us a call today, reservations are first come, first serve! 978-895-9658

Welcome Back!
Let’s make it a very long summer

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