Some of you older folks (like you know who) and some of you counterculture types might not get on social media much. So, you don’t know what’s going on out there. However, you do recognize the usefulness of a good time and in particular, a “Party In The Street”. And so, how are you going to find out? I have, at times, been reprimanded (by you all) for not getting the word out about various events happening at the Ale House or should I say Moon Hill Brewing Co.  Initially, I stood aghast at these accusations. Nearly breathless, had I not yelled from the rooftops? Had I not sent my legions into social media land? Had I not papered the town with notices hither (and thither? – so weird). Alas, what I had forgotten to do in those circumstances was bellow from my bully pulpit, the Ale House newsletter, where the other half gets its Gardner party fix info. At those times, where I was remiss in communicating, I had been taking our news for granted, making it easy on myself, by not publishing nearly enough. And what happens when you make it easy on yourself? Well, as is said, “every stick has two ends” and you all got the $1!(*^&$t end of the stick. And what’s worse, you all didn’t get the news. Joe Burns this means you!

So, here it is, late but not never! Ladies and gentlemen of newsletter ilk, we are announcing the 18th Oktoberfest “Party In The Street”, Saturday, September 30. We will have the tapping of the keg starting at 11:30AM with the mayor, The 2nd Steinholding Competition, The 13th Chair Luge, the 1st Cornhole Competition, a free blues concert headlined by the Billy Price band, with Seth Rosenbloom and Point The Finger following. The whole party is done at 8pm. Streets open again at 9pm. And we’ll do it again next year.

And lest you think it’s business as usual around here at Oktoberfest time: it is NOT. Oktoberfest & Chair Luge, for the first time, is now being run by the Gardner Festival Committee whose members are drawn from the business community of downtown Gardner and include you know who. We are 8 earnest lovers of Gardner and continue to expand our projects to good things as Gardner’s future has never looked better!

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Thanks for being there.



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