From America With Love is our Black Ale Project beer. I’ll tell you what the Black Ale Project is in a minute. First, the beer. From America With Love, is, indeed, a black ale, but there are all sorts and this one is an Imperial Stout. Ours goes like this:

“Imperial Stout might be thought of as the martini of beers. Assertive, throaty, heady, yet smooth. As such they sometimes tend towards too much alcohol or just come off as syrupy. Not so, this one! Served at just the right temperature (42° F leaving the tap, don’t you know). ‘From America’ presents alcohol as elixir, wrapped in a blend of chocolate and caramel malts and spiced with roasted barley.  Hops? Well, yes, you know, for the beautiful balanced bitterness, but this beer is a survey in artistically blended dark grains. Our martini, neither shaken nor stirred, is a tribute to Sean Connery, who probably drank this when he wasn’t drinking that.”

Grandpa never saw this one coming. Rich, velvety and pierced by a careful level of alcohol, producing a beer to bridge the gap between meals. It is best served alone – doesn’t need food. Kinda like nectar. We might have irreverently called it “One & Done”, but that would imply a recommendation that we do not necessarily endorse. What might grandpa have said back in the day, about this beer during Prohibition? “Hells Bells Gladys! What in ‘tarnation did you whip up this time?”

If you had to make one style of beer a king, I think it would be this beer. It is that rich, that majestic – even opulent. I think you get it now.

The Black Ale Project is a nation-wide, brewery-based, fundraising effort for American Veterans. Breweries across the US concoct and brew black ales, the proceeds from the sale of which, go to Veterans organizations across our fair nation. We at Moon Hill Brewing Co. send our donations to the Montachusett Veterans Outreach Center (MVOC). Visit the Black Ale Project website here.

This Sunday, you are invited to our Black Ale Project Release Party from 2pm to 4pm. We will be in the pub raffling off prizes donated by local & regional businesses and just having some fun not holiday shopping.

“From America With Love” Black Ale Release Party
Sunday, December 11, 2022
Downtown Gardner, hey

Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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