I am often heard saying, right after Christmas, “I can’t wait till Christmas.” And I sort of really mean it. It has nothing to do with commercialism, stuff, things, gifts and has everything to do with music (I really enjoy Christmas choral music and Gregorian chants.), friends, conviviality, food and drink. It has to do with taking time off and thinking of easier things; letting the world go and relaxing a bit. My favorite time being Christmas Eve when we close the place down at 6pm, have a drink or two and embrace with good will.

So, this time of year, you all may be feeling a bit of that too, or wanting to feel a bit of that – Christmas shopping aside, the real stuff being spending time with each other, staying warm and taking in a little of this and a little of that. You know, life is good and all.

And that’s what I want to push here with my most likely final, or next to final, blog of the 2022 year. Come party here. We are happy to accommodate and help you shake off the last 3 years of little fun and being careful. It is time to come home; here, that is. Your third place! (Not home, not work).

Book us baby! You have our 25-person function room (Or we can section off a section of our dining room.), our menu, our specials and our function menu to choose from. You have craft beer, cocktails by Zack, happy people, piped in music, food all over the place and you are here instead of there. I think that’s a way to start off this time of release and good will.

Get off your couch and call us now. Call 978 669 0122. If you call in the next 29 minutes you’ll also get… Just kidding. I was feeling a little like a Ronco TV ad there. Does anybody remember Ronco besides Don and me? Are you old enough to remember?

Back to me.  Come to my place. Come on out for Christmas, bring your office, your extended family and make it easy on yourself.

See our Main Menu, our in-house Catering Menu, our Specials Menu (For today, for an idea of what we do each day.) and if you snag our function room you are on easy street, Holiday joy and frivolity delivered on time and too much.

Gardner Ale House
Moon Hill Brewing Co

74 Parker Street
Gardner, MA 01440

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